Focusing on high-purity optoelectronic materials to continuously create value for customers

The main product is optical fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride, which has developed into a leading supplier of optical fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride in domestic production and sales

Continuous production process technology

High level product (11N level)+30000 tons of Silicon tetrachloride annual output+patents

Phase II production line of Silicon tetrachloride starts construction


The first phase of the high-purity Silicon tetrachloride production line of New Silicon Technology has a capacity of 15000 tons. Since it was officially put into production in June 2015, it has been running smoothly and smoothly. The separation effect and output efficiency of the newly designed purification tower are significantly better than the expected design and calculation. The normal production capacity of a single production line can reach a maximum of 1.2 tons/hour, and the energy consumption cost is also less than the previous version of the purification tower, which proves that the improvement of process technology has achieved remarkable results. On the basis of summarizing the advantages and technologies of the first phase purification tower, the design and material selection of the second phase purification tower have been finalized.


With the increasing usage of existing customers and considering factors such as the needs of new customers, New Silicon Technology officially launched the construction and equipment installation of the second phase project at the end of April. As the basic construction project of the factory building was already reserved in the first phase, this second phase project mainly involves the installation of equipment, pipelines, and supporting facilities, with an expected construction period of 4-5 months.


After installation and commissioning, the high purity Silicon tetrachloride capacity of New Silicon Technology will reach the design capacity of 30000 tons/year.


According to the number of reserved purification tower holes in the rectification plant, combined with the newly designed high-efficiency purification tower, the future high-purity Silicon tetrachloride production capacity of the plant may reach more than 80000 tons/year! Whether the new silicon technology will expand its scale and production will be determined in a timely manner based on market demand.