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Dutch D Company and Wuhan Y Fiber Optic Representatives Visited and Inspected Qianjiang Factory


Recently, Mr. Breuls, the strategic materials manager of D Company (Netherlands), a foreign shareholder of Wuhan Y Fiber and Cable Company, accompanied by Mr. L, the head of Y Company's Qianjiang project, and Mr. W, the general manager of the technical center, visited and inspected the new factory of Wuhan New Silicon Technology Company in Qianjiang. Mr. Luo Quan'an, the general manager of New Silicon Technology, warmly received the visit and introduced the latest situation of the company.

Mr. Bruels and his delegation visited the production line and filling area of the new factory of New Silicon Technology in Qianjiang, and watched the introduction PPT of New Silicon Technology. They were pleasantly surprised by the tremendous changes that New Silicon Technology has made in the past two years. Compared with his visit to the old factory in Gedian, Hubei in 2013, there has been a groundbreaking change. They congratulated New Silicon Technology on its progress in recent years and saw that New Silicon Technology has received awards from Japan, South Korea The recognition of numerous international light rod companies such as China has been affirmed. The two sides exchanged technical indicators, industry related information and changes, technical trends, etc. of Silicon tetrachloride products in a happy atmosphere. In particular, the new silicon technology products have met the requirements of PCVD process single mode water free process, expressing great joy and surprise.