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The main product is optical fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride, which has developed into a leading supplier of optical fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride in domestic production and sales

Continuous production process technology

High level product (11N level)+30000 tons of Silicon tetrachloride annual output+patents

New Silicon Technology Qianjiang Factory Won the Certificate of "High tech Enterprise"


Recently, the leaders of Qianjiang Science and Technology Bureau made a special trip to New Silicon Technology Qianjiang Company and issued the "High tech Enterprise" certificate approved by the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Finance Department, Taxation Bureau, and other departments to Mr. Luo Quan'an, the general manager of the company.


The acquisition of high-tech enterprise certificate shows that New Silicon Technology adheres to independent intellectual property rights in the field of high-purity Silicon tetrachloride, continues to make independent innovation and research, and has obtained a series of process technologies for high-purity Silicon tetrachloride purification, analysis, filling and other production processes, which have been officially recognized. This will greatly inspire the morale of new silicon technology R&D personnel, stating that they will continue to focus on the field of high-purity chemicals, continuously improve existing process technologies, and develop new products, technologies, equipment, etc., applying for more practical patents, laying a solid foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise.