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High level product (11N level)+30000 tons of Silicon tetrachloride annual output+patents

New Silicon Technology Qianjiang New Factory with a production capacity of 15000 tons officially put into operation!


On June 2, 2016, with the power on of the feed pump of the distillation tower, it marked the official launch of the 15000 ton first phase production capacity of New Silicon Technology Qianjiang Factory!


Qianjiang New Plant of New Silicon Technology is located in Qianjiang Economic Development Zone, Hubei Province, a professional chemical industry zone, covering an area of 65 mu. Since September 2013, it has been built, with a planned total capacity of 30000 tons of high-purity Silicon tetrachloride and 20 tons of high-purity Germanium tetrachloride. It has a reserve capacity of 1500 tons of crude raw materials and 1000 tons of high-purity products, and has built a production line for independent synthesis of Silicon tetrachloride, The surplus chlorine resources in the local salt chemical industry of Qianjiang can be fully utilized to synthesize raw Silicon tetrachloride at low cost.


At present, the first phase of the project has built a distillation workshop, synthesis workshop, power and gas auxiliary workshops, and all raw material storage, product storage, filling and transportation systems. In the future, if production capacity needs to be increased based on the shipment situation, only a distillation tower production line needs to be installed in the distillation workshop, which can expand the production capacity from 15000 tons to 30000 tons in just three months.


With the production of the new factory, New Silicon Technology will be able to provide customers such as fiber optic preforms with more high-quality and affordable products!