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UL3000 Fab (ULTRA) Portable Helium Leak Detector

INFICON leak detection has a long history of setting market standards for performance and ease of use. The UL3000 Fab offers the highest possible speed and the best user-friendliness in today's leak tests. UL3000 Fab is developed to meet the special needs of semiconductor manufacturing, such as leak inspection of semiconductors and display tools (including subassemblies).

Advantages at a glance

■ Save time through the I CAL software algorithm and realize fast measurement, the measurement range is 10-9 - 10-12 mbar/sec

■ The most effective leak check with the I · ZERO 2.0 with improved intelligence for fast background suppression while maintaining high measurement sensitivity

■ Suitable for vacuum and suction gun leak detection

■ Vacuum pumping and fast response to minimize leak detection effort

■Ultra-thin design, easy to operate, save time

■ Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) with durable ion source (3-year warranty) and counterflow vacuum system

■ HMI interface equipped with full-color high-definition rotatable display, easy to use, providing intuitive operation guidance

Additional benefits for UL3000 FAB ULTRA

■ HYDRO · S software eliminates the water vapor background, so the leak check can be started as early as possible, so that the sensitive measurement range can be quickly reached

■ higher pumping speed, can complete the evacuation (vacuum) faster

■ Maintenance-free Roots roughing pump reduces TCO

Easy handling, analysis and storage of measurement results

■With touch screen, intuitive guide user operation

■ Modern menu structure

■ Rotatable full-color HD display

■ Remote control via Wi-Fi using mobile devices

■ Data storage capacity

■ Export data using U disk (control access)

Low operating and maintenance costs

Despite the long service life, the maintenance cost is low, thanks:

■ Powerful vacuum system

■ Durable ion source, 3 years warranty

Instrument provides easier access to leak detection area

■ Small and robust design for stability and optimal mobility

■ Low center of gravity, easy to handle

■ Large scroll wheel to easily pass obstacles