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UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Equipment Name: UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer USA

Model: LAMBDA850

Purpose: The instrument can be used for the identification and structure analysis of substances with absorption in the ultraviolet and visible light range, including the analysis and identification of organic matter, the identification of isomers, and the determination of material structure.

Instrument introduction:

The LAMBDA 850 UV-Vis spectrophotometer continues the classic design of the LAMBDA family platform. It is one of the PerkinElmer UV-Vis systems with the highest performance. It provides faster scanning speed, higher resolution and sensitivity, and better photometer accuracy and stability. It obtains excellent test performance in the entire spectral range. It has excellent sensitivity in the 175nm ~ 900 nm band, and the wavelength accuracy can reach 0.08nm. For the highest degree of automation, detection accessories such as sample beam attenuators, polarizers and depolarizers, and beam shutters are all software-controlled.

LAMBDA 850 excellent UV-visible performance, suitable for analysis and research, production in the field of chemical industry, coating, etc.