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New Silicon Technology has passed the supplier audit of J Corporation in Japan


On August 7, 2014, Japan J Corporation officially sent a confirmation letter stating that Wuhan New Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the qualified supplier qualification review of J Corporation. This is the second time that New Silicon has become a qualified supplier of internationally renowned optical fiber preform enterprises after becoming a qualified supplier of F Electric Company in Japan, further expanding the Japanese market. It is also one of the important milestones in the development process of new silicon technology.


Since New Silicon Technology became a qualified supplier to F Electric Company in Japan in October 2012, its products have been used safely and smoothly by F Electric Company. Not only has the supply cycle been arranged only systematically, but the product quality is stable and reliable, and the interface and combination valve layout are reasonable, winning the recognition of F Electric Company. F Electrician has applied the product to the production of both the outer layer and the core rod, which is sufficient to prove that the products of New Silicon Technology fully meet the production of optical fiber preforms in the OVD/VAD process.


Due to the stable supply and use of F Electric for over a year, J Corporation of Japan sent personnel to conduct certification audits. In just half a day, New Silicon Technology was recognized and recognized in terms of product quality assurance system.


New Silicon Technology has been recognized by the second Japanese company, proving that it fully meets the requirements of international first-class enterprises for suppliers in terms of product quality, production management, and other aspects. With the smooth construction of the new Qianjiang factory of New Silicon Technology, New Silicon Technology will be favored by more and more customers.