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Continuous production process technology

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New Silicon Technology has won the third prize for scientific and technological progress in Hubei Province.


Recently, the results of the 2018 Science and Technology Award in Hubei Province were officially released, and the first domestic invention patent of New Silicon Technology: fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride continuous distillation purification process technology won the third prize of this scientific and technological progress award! The Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Award has awarded a total of 1 outstanding contribution award (Academician Ma Mingwei), 2 special awards, 55 first prizes, 115 second prizes, and 123 third prizes, as well as 15 innovation awards for technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, totaling 311 awards.

The fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride continuous distillation purification process technology is independently developed by New Silicon Technology and is the first in China. Its characteristics are: 1. High product quality. The highest 11N grade Silicon tetrachloride can be obtained through multi tower continuous distillation purification; 2. High production efficiency, with a single production line capacity increasing from the initial design of 3000t/a to over 7500t/a (2.5 times); 3. The yield is high, increasing from about 80% to 98% in traditional batch distillation purification. The above indicators are significantly ahead of domestic peers, resulting in a reduction in comprehensive energy consumption and efficiency improvement, thereby significantly reducing purification manufacturing costs.

The award shows that the process technology based on independent innovation of New Silicon Technology has been recognized, and the commercial quality of many customer units is stable and reliable for many years, which also proves the maturity and progressiveness of this technology.