Focusing on high-purity optoelectronic materials to continuously create value for customers

The main product is optical fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride, which has developed into a leading supplier of optical fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride in domestic production and sales

Continuous production process technology

High level product (11N level)+30000 tons of Silicon tetrachloride annual output+patents

Thermo Scientific DXR3 Micro Raman Spectrometer Series

Visualization-driven imaging

• Instant preview of results without delay

• Ultrafast chemical imaging accelerates scientific research in drug discovery, materials science, advanced polymers and more cutting-edge materials

• Superior confocal performance enables Raman characterization at micron and sub-micron resolution, resulting in more detailed imaging results and easy isolation of surrounding material interference for rapid micro-area identification

• Ultra low noise EMCCD, greatly improve the sensitivity of data acquisition, and eliminate the stripe background


OMNICxi with 3D visualization and advanced particle analysis

• Get instant information with 3D confocal visualization

• Fully automated workflow solutions for advanced particle analysis provide data post-processing and reporting options:

-Easily locate, characterize and identify particles

-Use categories to evaluate distribution and select particles

-Advanced reporting options to meet your needs


Easy-to-use research performance

• High sensitivity and high spatial resolution combined with Raman testing capability

• Simple operation-no technical expertise required

• Cost-effective spectroscopic instrument designed for busy laboratories in academia, industry and government

• Automatic X-axis calibration ensures avoidance of environmental drift without manual calibration


Results-focused software

• Automatic identification of unknowns and multi-component compounds

• Thermo Scienti c™OMNIC™Atlus Raman imaging software-enhanced Mapping analysis tool to efficiently analyze data and save time

• High performance confocal Raman spectrometer with rugged, integrated design

• Rapid characterization and identification of microparticles with data workflow solutions


Fast and Convenient Analysis of Bulk Samples

• DXR3 Smart Raman Spectrometer designed for batch samples

• Using Thermo Scienti c™OMNIC™Specta software for spectral resolution

• Ideal for pharmaceutical and multi-purpose analytical laboratories

Automation and sampling versatility for QA/QC

• Multiple sampling attachments for diversification

• Multi-array sample plate and array automation for higher throughput

• Automatic X-axis calibration to ensure avoidance of environmental drift without any manual operation


Accessories and components for faster Raman analysis

With advanced functions such as automatic identification, locking, pre-collimation memory and storage of collimation information, users can reconfigure the instrument in seconds

• The instrument offers six interchangeable laser options, including two new high-power lasers, for maximum flexibility to meet your analytical needs:

-532 nm high power lasers and 633 nm high power lasers

• Ultra low noise EMCCD, greatly improve the sensitivity of data acquisition, and eliminate the stripe background

• Auto-Polarized Raman capabilities complement chemical information with molecular spatial structure information, adding reliable data for critical research needs