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The main product is optical fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride, which has developed into a leading supplier of optical fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride in domestic production and sales

Continuous production process technology

High level product (11N level)+30000 tons of Silicon tetrachloride annual output+patents

Agilent 8890 Gas Chromatography

The 8890 Gas Chromatography (GC) system utilizes flexible configurations and functions to provide fast and accurate results to meet specific analytical needs. When it is necessary to obtain accurate results and ensure the normal operation of the instrument, this high-performance intelligent interconnected gas chromatography system always exceeds your expectations.


The built-in intelligent interconnection function and 6th generation EPC can perform automatic diagnosis to check the operation status of the GC system, remind you of potential problems, and assist you in quickly resolving them. Display step-by-step instructions for routine maintenance procedures for gas chromatography on the touch screen or remotely through the GC browser user interface.


The browser user interface provides remote connection functions for monitoring the intelligent gas chromatography system, viewing system logs, and executing diagnostic tests inside or outside the laboratory;


A fully functional touch screen provides visual reports of system configuration, allowing you to update the current methods used, perform daily maintenance, and check the status of GC instruments;


The built-in intelligent interconnection function can automatically monitor the health status of the system, remind users before potential problems affect chromatographic performance, and provide step-by-step guidance to help solve problems;


The unique 6th generation microfluidic EPC architecture has significant improvements in reliability and service life, which can resist gas pollutants such as particles, water vapor, and oil, while extending the normal operation time of the system and the lifespan of instrument consumables;


The microplate flow path control technology (CFT) module can be installed in a column temperature box and has an ultra-low heat capacity, providing unique airflow connection functions for multi-dimensional gas chromatography (GC x GC/beans Switch center cutting), full two-dimensional gas chromatography (2D-GC) equipped with flow path modulators, and backflushing before, during, and after the analysis column;


A single wire thermal conductivity detector (TCD) can provide a stable baseline with minimal drift (very common during valve switching) without the need for a separate reference gas circuit or manual adjustment of the potentiometer;


The flame ionization detector (FID) with automatic adjustment of detection range can achieve ppb level to 100 level detection and quantitative analysis in a single GC injection;

Compatible with all GC/MS platforms;


Sulfur or nitrogen chemiluminescence detectors can perform detection, equimolar response, and quantitative analysis of sulfur or nitrogen pollutants as low as ppb level in complex matrices;

The helium saving module, carrier gas saving mode, and alternative carrier gas solutions can significantly reduce the use of helium, improve analysis flexibility, and save costs;


The optional hydrogen sensor module series 2 uses built-in intelligent diagnostic function to continuously monitor the operating status, which can detect hydrogen leakage and shut down the airflow as soon as possible. It only needs to be calibrated every six months;


The optional smart key equipped with the gas chromatography column can provide information on the usage of the column and default parameters used for configuration, which helps to automatically achieve method settings;


The independent ACT label provides information about the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire lifecycle.