Focusing on high-purity optoelectronic materials to continuously create value for customers

The main product is optical fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride, which has developed into a leading supplier of optical fiber grade Silicon tetrachloride in domestic production and sales

Continuous production process technology

High level product (11N level)+30000 tons of Silicon tetrachloride annual output+patents

Hire maintenance technician (team leader)

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Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the maintenance of various pumps, valves, towers, kettles, filtration equipment, etc. throughout the factory;

2. Maintenance and upkeep of main production equipment and facilities;

3. Organize and implement maintenance and repair plans for equipment and facilities;

4. Organization, management, and evaluation of maintenance workers;



1. At least eight years of maintenance work experience in a chemical plant;

2. Familiar with the working principles and maintenance of various pumps, valves, towers, kettles, filtration and other equipment;

3. Strong sense of responsibility, good at using brains, hardworking and hardworking;

4. Those with certain organizational and management skills are preferred;